Slow and choppy, but it works. Not just that but because there are old versions of MSIE around web designers may need to make sites compatible with those as well as new versions with hidden codes in the page like: It does not support transparency which can be important with some web designs. Create new account Request new password. Your best bet would likely be to use another computer and download the installer for Chrome, Firefox, etc. One the month disable deep freeze and I let it ran without cause Microsoft give still very little updates. Maxthon represents the next era of web browsing, leveraging a new approach to technology and user experience leadership for which Maxthon is well known.

maxthon 2.5.16

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Yes I know I need to look forward, I will soon looking for an also older Windows 7. I do not know them, I’m was still in confidences with Google Chrome. So, no need to be a hacker to use Linux nowadays. Please advise what I should do.

[aborted] Maxthon 2.5.16 Portable

I’m dying to know: Maxthon seems to work for me, very much like Chrome and with many built-in features of Opera. I still has 2 computer ran on Windows XP.

maxthon 2.5.16

Now that’s what’s odd, surely the question should be to Microsoft “This feature works in all browsers but MSIE, when are Microsoft going to fix it? Windows XP is fine to use as with a registery tweak you can keep it updated until April according to this post on the microsoft answers page https: When the image is edited, the JPEG version loses clarity with every subsequent editing session. The only reason to use IE 8 was for Windows Updates.


Which One Is Better? For secure browsers, WhiteHat Aviator should be one of the top contenders.

maxthon 2.5.16

Read More for Firefox or Chrome. Regarding XP, I have found among my friends that they are unlikely to re-jig their programs to move off XP, but seem to be looking more to Linux. The funds will never begin flowing in down the road.

Microsoft is simply fixing bugs – and sometimes creating more. I have a 2.516 desktop which is about 9 years old and still works great.

Which Browser Is Most Secure on Your Old Windows XP System?

I downloaded Firefox but for some reason it isn’t connecting. Rest you will known. I had to call tech support and get the address to the direct login page. Thanks for the comment. If you need to download those forms, any browser will do. Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you’re awesome! It’s a feature rich browser and the latest version supports Windows XP. Have there been any fresh news about how long Maxthon’s updates or security patches will continue to be sent out?


The entire “Start Screen” is a major bug that annoys me every time I have to work on one of those systems.

To stop 2.51.6 a browser means that they have to do work and modify their web scripts to that they detect the older browsers and stop working. Working with Win 7 at work, I have used a laptop with Win 8 a bit for some time now though sparingly, but I’m not impressed and I’ve tinkered a bit with a few different versions of Mac OS over the years.

Are there more alternative secure websites for Windows XP?

So a bug-free operating system is pretty much out of the question for anything. You were not born knowing Windows.

[aborted] Maxthon Portable |

But the problem i have with Google is Buffering during maxtohn to watch a video. I use a iPhone and this have apps, Windows 10 seem to act as a smartphone, I do not need apps or touchscreen, I’m comfortable with the very clear differences between a computer what a computer most be and an smartphone.

So i cannot complain to much.